August 23, 2012

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

Guest host: JUEL ULVEN director and producer of the Fox Valley Folk Festival, previewing the festival taking place August 30-September 1, 2014

  1. Red Tail Ring: Red Rocking Chair (trad) August Roads self no#
  2. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: Blue (Joe Carlson) Home By Dark Compass Rose 13
  3. Ken Perlman: Neil Gow's Fiddle (N.Gow) / Scourdiness (C.Sherrit) Island Boy Wizmak 579-27
  4. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Fat Cats & Thin Dogs (Eric Noden) Missed Train Blues RootsDuo 2012
  5. Clarke Buehling: Anthony Street Reel (Converse, 1887 PD) Minstrel Banjo Style Rounder 0321
  6. Joel Mabus: Doc'sology (Mabus) Short Stories Fossil 592
  7. Lee Murdock: E. C. Roberts (trad) Cold Winds Depot 011
  8. Jon Brooks: Cigarettes (J.Brooks) Ours and the Shepards Exile 01072002
  9. Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen: If You Say Yes (Cindy Kallet) The Water Sleepy Creek 105
  10. Bryan Bowers: Hey Boys (M.Jayne-R.Dillard-D.Webb-H.Pedersen) Crabby Old Man self 2011
  11. Bill Robinson & friends: Black & White Rag (Arthur Smith) Strollin' By the Fox Frontier 3211
  12. Lou & Peter Berryman: A Chat with Your Mother (L.& P. Berryman) What Again ?! Cornbelt 900
  13. Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen, with Roberts & Barrand: Where We'll Never Grow Old (J. C. Moore) Never Grow Old Flying Fish 70638
  14. Matt Watroba: Immigrant Eyes (Guy Clark-Roger Murrah) The Best Is Yet To Be Ledgewood 8312

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