November 29, 2014

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

Guest host: Linda Marie Smith Chicago-area singer-songwriter and creator of Mearra Selkie from the Sea.

  1. Carole King: Jazzman (Carole King-David Palmer) Wrap Around Joy Ode 77024
  2. Leonard Cohen: Tower of Song Live in London Columbia 740502
  3. Melanie Budd: Nothing to Feel Beyond the Trees self 700261-31792-2
  4. Eugenia Elliott: Blue Heron 4000 Weeks self 700261-35890-1
  5. Kathy Greenhodt: Moon Song When You're Dead self 700261-37226-6
  6. Bruce Cockburn: The Last Night of the World Breakfast in Timbuktu Ryko 10407
  7. Linda Marie Smith: Mearra Mearra - Selkie from the Sea self 686703-00101-0
  8. Sue Fink: Boys Are So Sensitive Thoughts at an Intersection self 700261-27283-2
  9. Richard Thompson: Bathsheba Smiles Mock Tudor Capitol 7243 4 98860 2 5
  10. Jackson Browne: Sky Blue and Black I'm Alive Elektra 894911
  11. Michael Smith: There Wind River 14022

All songs by performer unless otherwise noted.

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