December 27, 2014, originally broadcast May 10, 2014

A musical calendar edition

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

  1. Lee Murdock: John Kanaka (trad) What About the Water Depot 034
  2. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Sinkin' In Love (Eric Noden) One the Move RootsDuo no#
  3. The Special Consensus: Monroe (Craig Market) Scatch Gravel Road Compass 74573-2
  4. February Sky (Phil Cooper & Susan Urban): Beer Is Good for You (S.Urban) Goldenrod self 03
  5. The Milk Carton Kids: One the Mend (Kenneth Pattingale-Joey Ryan) The Ash & Clay Anti 87238-2
  6. April Verch: Davy Davy, Folding Down the Sheets (trad) Bright Like Gold Slab Town 13-01
  7. The Duhks: Lazy John (trad, arr. Duhks) Beyond the Blue Compass 74632-2
  8. Bryan Bowers: Lone Cone Crabby Old Man self 43157-41861
  9. Tracy Grammer: Any Way I Do (Dave Carter) Flower of Avalon Signature Sounds 1292
  10. Greg Brown: Rain & Snow Freak Flag YepRoc 2244
  11. Anais Mitchell: Shepherd Young Man in America Wilderland 001
  12. Switchback:Rocky Mountain Express (FitzGerald-McCormack) Kanoka WayGood 10113

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