January 17, 2015

A musical calendar edition

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

  1. April Verch: Jeff Sturgeon (trad) Bright Like Gold Slab Town 13-01
  2. Anais Mitchell: Dyin' Day Young Man in America Wilderland 794504-82840-5
  3. Lyle Strickland: Misery and Mischief Prone Balanced on Barbed Wire Self 00261-37500
  4. Dust Bowl Revival: Swing Low Sweet Chariot (trad,arr. Z.Lupetin) Carry Me Home self 00261-37231
  5. Jeff Daniels: Middle of the Night Grandfather's Hat Boomadeboom 16892-87382
  6. Bryan Bowers: The Scotsman (Mike Cross) Home, Home on the Road Flying Fish 70091
  7. Lee Murdock: After the Storm What About the Water Depot 034
  8. Chris Vallillo: Silhouette Against the Stars The Last Day of Winter Gin Ridge 1010
  9. Switchback: What Should We Do With the Drunken Sailor (trad, arr. Brian FitzGerald-Martin McCormack) Bolinree Way Good 031705
  10. Peter Mulvey: Shoulderbirds (You Know Me) (Peter Mulvey-Tim Gearan) Letters from a Flying Machine Signature Sounds 2024
  11. Red Tail Ring: My Heart's Own Love (Hazel Dickens) The Heart's Swift Foot EarthWork 8503
  12. Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin: Diamond (Stephanie Bettman) Diamond self 59711-75656
  13. Matt Watroba: The Petite Vieux (David Parry/Robt. W. Service) The Best Is Yet To Be Ledgewood 8312

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