February 7, 2015

A musical calendar program of area performances over the next few weeks.

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

The following appearing at the University of Chicago Folk Festival, February 13-15:

  1. Grainne Murphy & Marta Cook: Farewell to Erin (trad) / Farewell to Carolina (Murphy) / Galloping Hogan (trad) Short Stories self 00261-29016
  2. Pat & Possum (Charlie Walden-Chris Germain-Patt Plunkett): Sally Goodin (trad) Dance Around Molly CWM 013
  3. Kody Norris and the Watauga Mountain Boys: I'm Gonna Sing Sing Sing (Hank Williams) There's a Man Coming for Me self 92520-14616
  4. John Lilly: Talking About the Weather JaveLina 4585
  5. The Buckstankle Boys: Katy Hill (trad) Round Peak Home self no#
  6. Mississippi Gabe Carter: Bound for Glory (trad-Carter) I Was Born to Preach the Gospel Lord and Gabe 41014

Other events:

  1. Olivia Chaney: La Jardinera (Violeta Parra, arr. Olivia Chaney) The Longest River Nonesuch 541711
  2. Dolly Varden (Steve Dawson): Del Mar, 1976 (Dawson) For a While Mid-Fi 303
  3. Livingston Taylor: Sweet Blindness (Laura Nyro) Blue Sky Whistling Dog 1009
  4. Dailey & Vincent: Howdy Neighbor Howdy (James Morris) Brothers of the Highway Rounder 11661-91412
  5. Red Tail Ring: J in the Broom Straw (Beauchamp-Primo) The Heart's Swift Foot Earthwork 8503
  6. Hot Club of Cowtown: Back in Your Own Backyard (Bill Rose-Al Jolson- Dave Dreyer) Rendezvous in Rhythm Gold Strike/Proper 004
  7. John Gorka: Bright Side of Down Red House 271

Host/producer: Rich Warren

List of upcoming concerts.