March 28, 2015

Guest Host: Lonie Walker
For 25 years, Lonie Walker's Underground Wonder Bar, 710 North Clark Street Chicago, has been a hub for the music and art communities of Chicago. Lonie Walker is a philanthropist, songwriter, entrepreneur, singer, pianist, mother, playwright, environmentalist and bandleader. From her own eclectic tastes, passion abounds embracing and nurturing all artists and art forms.

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

The following appearing at the University of Chicago Folk Festival, February 13-15:

  1. Tim Wheater: Nocturnes and The Quarter Moon (Michael Hopp-Tim Wheater) The Yearning Telarc 0630-14941-2
  2. Joe Pug: Bright Beginnings (Joe Pug) Windfall Lightning Rod B00SVDIYQ0
  3. John Lawler: See How You Are (John Lawler) 1743 88074001024
  4. Rhiannon Giddens: Shake Sugaree (Elizabeth Cotten) Tomorrow Is My Turn Nonesuch 541708-2
  5. Lonie Walker: On The Avenue of The Heart "Isadora, I Love You" (Lonie Walker) Underground Wonder Music no#
  6. Harry Nilsson: Puppy Song "Harry" (H.Nilsson) RCA Victor
  7. Taggart Transcontinental: Crazy Ced (Jordan Taggart) Breathe to a Beat Underground Wonder Music 884501317801
  8. Hannah Frank: Dog On The Street (Hannah Frank) Live EP 700261410968
  9. John Till: My Lonesome (John Till) John Till
  10. Heather Horton: Postcard Saturdays (Heather Lynn Horton) Postcard Saturdays Pauper Sky 884502941470
  11. Lonie Walker: False Security (Lonie Walker-Joe E. Bett) Change Is Good Underground Wonder Music 65661311121
  12. Art Garfunkel: Grateful (John Bucchino) A Song of Giving Thanks (The Julie Andrews Collection) self no#

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