April 11, 2015

TOM KASTLE, singer, songwriter, expert on the lore and music of the Great Lakes, ship captain and co-producer of the Chicago Maritime Festival

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

The following appearing at the University of Chicago Folk Festival, February 13-15:

  1. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: The Anchor Song (Peter Bellamy/Rudyard Kipling) Twiddlum Twaddlum Golden Hind 108
  2. Tom & Chris Kastle: The Eastland (trad tune/T&C Kastle) Rivers Sextant 0002A
  3. Debra Cowan: The Rainbow (trad) Fond Desire Farewell Falling Mountain 1054
  4. David HB Drake: Storm on the River Fisherman's Beach Wiscon-sing 2003
  5. Tom & Chris Kastle: Filsackowa Zona (trad) Rivers Sextant 002A
  6. John Roberts: Sea Fever (Taylor/John Maesfield) Sea Fever Golden Hind 108
  7. David HB Drake & chorus: Haul Away Joe (trad) A Schooner Songbag Wiscon-sing 2002
  8. Keali'l Reichel: Kananaka (Puakea Nogelmeier/trad) Lei Hali'a Punahele no#
  9. Debra Cowan: Yon Green Valley (trad) Fond Desire Farewell Falling Mountain 1054
  10. Bounding Main: Here's a Health to the Company (trad) Maiden Voyage Self 634479132711

Producer: Rich Warren

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