June 13, 2015 Originally Broadcast August 25, 2012

Theme song: Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Sweet Folk Chicago (theme) (Robt.Johnson, adapt. Filisko & Noden)

BRUCE ROPER, singer-songwriter, member Sons of the Never Wrong

  1. The Beatles: We Can Work It Out (Lennon-McCartney) The Beatles One Apple 5293252
  2. Moody Blues: New Horizons (Hayward) Seventh Sojourn Threshold THS7
  3. The Band: It Makes No Difference (Robbie Robertson) The Best of the Band Capitol CDP-46070
  4. Joan Armatrading: Down to Zero Joan Armatrading's Greatest Hits A&M 31454-0525-2
  5. Richard & Linda Thompson: When I Get to the Border (R.Thompson) I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight Carthage CGCD4407
  6. Steve Goodman: Roving Cowboy (Michael Smith) Words We Can Dance To Asylum K53038
  7. John Prine: The Great Compromise Prime Prine: The Best of John Prine Atlantic SD18202
  8. Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Come a Long Way (Kate McGarrigle) Dancer with Bruised Knees Warner Bros. BS3014
  9. Patty Griffin: Mary Flaming Red A&M
  10. Biff Rose: To Baby Children of Light Tetragrammaton T116
  11. Sons Of the Never Wrong: Sword and Pen (Bruce Roper) King Fisher King Waterbug WBG107

Guitar instrumental under calendar: Tom Rush: Rockport Sunday The Circle Game Elektra 74018-2

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