July 18, 2015

Theme song: Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Sweet Folk Chicago (theme) (Robt.Johnson, adapt. Filisko & Noden)

Guest host: ANDREW WHITE, artistic director of the Lookingglass Theatre Company narrating the 100th anniversary (July 24, 1915) of the Eastland disaster in the Chicago River.

  1. Cast of Eastland, A Summoning, (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  2. Cast of Eastland, Everything We've Never Seen, (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  3. Cast of Eastland, Ilse Part One (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  4. Cast of Eastland, Reggie 2, (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  5. Peerless Quartet, I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay, Year 1915 (78 rpm recording)
  6. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: 4+20, (Stephen Stills) DeJa Vu, Atlantic Records, SD7200
  7. Sufjan Stevens, Casimir Pulaski Day, (Sufjan Stevens) Come On! Feel the Illinois Asthmatic Kitty Records AKR014
  8. Cast of Eastland, Undertakers Lament, (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  9. Cast of Eastland, Parade of Souls, (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  10. Cast of Eastland, Be the Leaf Not the Stone (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  11. Cast of Eastland, Ilse Part IV (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical
  12. Cast of Eastland, Only The River Remains, (White/Pluess/Sussman) Eastland: A New Musical

The cast of Eastland is: Jeanne T. Arrigo, Lawrence E. DiStasi, Christine Mary Dunford, Doug Hara, Derek Hasentab, Erik Hellman, Malcolm Ruhl, Michael Barrow Smith, Scott Stangland, Tiffany Topol, Clare Wellin, and Monica West.

Eastland: Book and lyrics by Andrew White; music by Andre Pluess & Ben Sussman; directed by Amanda Dehnert; music director Malcolm Ruhl; music arrangement by Amanda Dehnert.

Copyright 2012 Lookingglass Theatre Company.

CD available from: lookingglasstheatre.org

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