August 8, 2015

Theme song: Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Sweet Folk Chicago (theme) (Robt.Johnson, adapt. Filisko & Noden)

A musical calendar program of area performances over the next few weeks.

  1. Kristin Lems: The Everywhichway Wind You, Me, and All of the Above Carolsdatter 89211-61203
  2. Lee Murdock: In a Handy Four-Master (trad) Standing at the Wheel Depot 26
  3. The Steel Wheels: Promised Land (Trent Wagler) Leave Some Things Behind Big Ring 004
  4. Jenny & Robin Bienemann: All About You (Robin Bienemann) Live self 00261-39965
  5. Pat Gaughan w/ LJ Slavin: Wild Mountain Thyme (trad-McPeake Family) Parting Glass self 00261-41499
  6. Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally: My Soul (AP Bates Robinson & Nunally) House & Garden self 39517-30103
  7. Harpeth Rising: I Am Eve (I Am the Reason) (Jordana Greenberg) Shifted Grimm Rising 88295-29506
  8. The Special Consensus: This Old Guitar (John Denver) Country Boy - a Bluegrass Tribute to John Denver Compass 74627-2
  9. Dan Navarro: Let Her Ride Skinless self private release
  10. Ronny Cox: Santa Ana Winds (R.Cox-W.Carson) Songs. . .with Repercussions Wind River 4042
  11. Krista Detor: A Hundred Years More Chocolate Paper Suites Tightrope 255-102
  12. Greg Greenway: I Carry Your Heart with Me Standing on the Side of Love Face 005
  13. Connie Kaldor: Think of You Love Sask Coyote 1050
  14. Tom Rush: Rockport Sunday The Circle Game Elektra 74018-2

List of upcoming concerts.