September 19, 2015

Theme song: Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Sweet Folk Chicago (theme) (Robt.Johnson, adapt. Filisko & Noden)

CT Thieme and Joann Murdock previewing the Art Thieme Memorial concert September 20, 2015.

  1. The New Golden Ring led by Joe Hickerson: Waterbound (trad) Five Days Singing, Vol. 1 Folk-Legacy 41
  2. Art Thieme: A Lock and Dam Tale The Older I Get, The Better I Was Waterbug 0045
  3. John Hartford: The Julia Belle Swain Mark Twang Flying Fish 020
  4. Phil Cooper, Margaret Nelson & Kate Early: Santa Fe Trail (trad) Hearts Return Porcupine 1716
  5. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: A Handful of Songs (Jerry Rasmussen) Crazy Quilt self
  6. Art Thieme: Here's To You Rounders (Don Lange) Outright Bold-Faced Lies Kicking Mule 150
  7. Fred Holstein: The Telling Takes Me Home (Utah Phillips) Fred Holstein: A Collection Holstein 01
  8. Steve Goodman: Somebody Else's Troubles The Essential Steve Goodman Buddah 0698
  9. Lou & Peter Berryman: An Hour Away House Concert Cornbelt 12
  10. Bill Camplin: Girl from the North Country (Bob Dylan) Bob Dylan Project - 1 Tool Room 106
  11. Art Thieme: The Cottage Cheese Story Outright Bald-Faced Lies Kicking Mule 150
  12. Lee Murdock: Banks of Cold Waters (Craig Johnson) Cold Winds Depot 011
  13. Art Thieme: Cowboys Barbara Allen (trad) The Older I Get, The Better I Was Waterbug 0045

Art Thieme Memorial: First Congregational United Church of Christ, 1047 Curtiss St., Downers Grove September 20 at 6 PM.

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