October 17, 2015

Theme song: Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Sweet Folk Chicago (theme) (Robt.Johnson, adapt. Filisko & Noden)

RANDY STYKA producer of the Acoustic Renaissance Concert series previewing the ARC 2015-16 season.

  1. Garnet Rogers: Shadows on the Water Summer's End Snow Goose 1135
  2. Lee Murdock: After the Storm What About the Water Depot 034
  3. Gina Forsyth: Everywhere I Am You Are Here Waterbug 0050
  4. Mustard's Retreat: Seeds of Hope (Garnet Rogers) There. . . And Back Again Yellow Room 007
  5. Lou & Peter Berryman: Low Expectations I Don't Get It Cornbelt 19
  6. Cosy Sheridan: Sing Goodbye Pretty Bird Waterbug 0116
  7. Cosy Sheridan: Welcome to Boston Pretty Bird Waterbug 0116
  8. Sloan Wainwright: I Am Free Upside Down & Under My Heart Derby Disc 700261330464
  9. Sloan Wainwright: Mercy Me - The Ecology (Marvin Gaye) Rediscovery Derby Disc 700261243344
  10. John McCutcheon: Immigrant Supper's on the Table Rounder Heritage 01166-11612-2
  11. Mollie O'Brien & Rich Moore: Keep It Clean (Charley Jordan) Saints and Sinners Remington Road 0683

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