December 26, 2015
Originally Broadcast June 16, 2012

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

Guest host: Josh Dunson, booking agent, writer and community organizer

  1. Josh White, Jr.: One Meat Ball (Lou Singer-Hy Zaret) Josh White: The Elektra Years Rhino Handmade 2-7829
  2. Paul Robeson: The Four Insurgent Generals (anonymous) Songs of Free Men: A Paul Robeson Recital Sony Masterworks Heritage 63223
  3. Unidentified performers: Epirus Dance (trad) Delta Music in Athens Delta 4472
  4. J.P. Nestor: Train on the Island (trad) Anthology of American Folk Music FP 253
  5. Tom Paxton leading Len Chandler, Pete Seeger, et.al: You Should Have Been There (trad/Amanda Lee Bowens) Smithsonian special pressing JD-7RR-0002
  6. Tom Paxton: Draft Dodger Rag (Phil Ochs) What's That I Hear: The Songs of Phil Ochs (compilation) Sliced Bread 71176
  7. Dewey Balfa w/ Nathan Abshire: Basile Breakdown (trad, arr.Balfa-Abshire) Cajun Classics Arhoolie 103
  8. Joe Heany: Rocks of Bawn (trad) Joe Heany Irish Traditional Songs in Gaelic and English
  9. Ola Belle Reed: Over Yonder in the Graveyard" (Reed) Ola Belle Reed & Family
  10. Sligo Jack Finan, Kevin Henry, Maggie Henry & Malachie Towy: Lark in the Morning (trad) Irish Music in Chicago Smithsonian special pressing JD-7RR-0018.19
  11. Hedy West: Whore's Lament (trad, arr. H.West) Bear Family 5197

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