January 16, 2016

Theme song: Eric Noden & Joe Filisko: Sweet Folk Chicago (trad-Robt.Johnson-Noden-Filisko) WFMT recording

Guest hosted by Chicago-based singer/songwriter Jodi Walker

  1. Joni Mitchell: All I Want (Joni Mitchell) Blue Warner 08122748421 7
  2. James McCandless: Out West Somewhere (James McCandless) Out West Somewhere St. Christopher Publishing, Waterbug Records 1993
  3. Bob Dylan: Tangled up in Blue (Bob Dylan) Blood on the Tracks Columbia, COL 512350 2
  4. Sons of the Never Wrong: Eve (Sue Demel) King Fisher King Waterbug Records 2012
  5. The Living Sisters: Ferris Wheel (Eleni Mandell) Love to Live Vanguard Records A Welk Music Group Company 015707804226
  6. Sons of the Never Wrong: Over There (Bruce Roper) King Fisher King Waterbug Records 2012
  7. Jodi Walker: Grumpy (Jodi Walker) Petulance self-released upcoming
  8. Robin Bienemann: Barista (Robin Bienemann) Songs About Work self-released UPC 700261307466
  9. Ron Lazzeretti: Long for this World (Ron Lazzeretti) Battle of the Planets Self-released UPC 700261367996
  10. Naomi Ashley: Niagra Falls (Naomi Ashley) Trying to Fly Self-released UPC 884501981170
  11. Jodi Walker: Little Boy (Jodi Walker) Petulance Self-released upcoming
  12. Nancy Atlas: Symphonies and Serenades (Nancy Atlas) Swagger Neptuna Records UPC 803680214824
  13. Jenny Bienemann: Pottery Barn (Jenny Bienemann) Late Night Elaborations Self-released UPC 783707809823

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